Heraklion City Hall

Heraklion City Hall (5165)
Heraklion City Hall. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

A quick post today with another photo from the visit to Crete late last year. This was from a walk about the town centre, I think on my first day there. I usually do this when I arrive somewhere to help me orient myself. Camera in hand, of course. I have a thing for architecture, though I don’t often do that kind of photography. It’s particularly technical (which is ok with me), and tricky to get right, especially with limited gear. This is the central semi-circular courtyard of Heraklion’s city hall, which I think looks just fabulous.

In this case I travelled without any checked luggage, so I was limited to my camera with a single lens, and no tripod. I played around with different viewpoints, and found something I was happy with. I had to figure out a way to brace myself against a column to take this shot. Even at high ISO (6400, which was as far as I wanted to go to avoid introducing lots of noise) I needed a shutter of 1/4″ at f/4. Rather slow. So I tried to keep steady and took a few shots. Thanks to the marvels of modern image stabilizers (and a steady hand) I had something I could work with. Processing was also tricky, due to the high dynamic range, but once again modern software is just unbelievably good. In the right hands, of course, or so I try to convince myself.

2 thoughts on “Heraklion City Hall

  1. A fabulous looking building and love the tones of twilight colour. Sometimes it is all the more rewarding when you have very little kit on you to see what you can achieve. You came up trumps here…. I too am bamboozled by how good modern tech is for photography and video.

    1. Thanks Nick! It’s a good feeling when getting something right with less than ideal resources, you’re absolutely right.

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