Fields and Storage Sheds

Fields and Storage Sheds (5528)
Fields and Storage Sheds. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

Sharing another photo this week from the session in Għargħur about a month ago. Looking back I cannot believe how productive this one session was. My photography outings are few and far between right now, but thankfully the overall output hasn’t decreased as much. The former is mostly because I haven’t been walking much; the latter is because I’ve come to know some places really well. I suppose it’s always a juggle between the two, and at this point I’m looking forward to some walking on paths that are new to me.

2 thoughts on “Fields and Storage Sheds

  1. makes me think of the weekend just gone where I found a new path at Frensham which took me up to a ridge I’ve never seen before.

    1. There’s something special about finding a new path. I should learn to explore more.

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