Bird on a Wire

Bird on a Wire (5546)
Bird on a Wire. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

This week I’m sharing a simple photo taken a few weeks ago at home. As soon as the weather starts turning warmer, the trees in the gardens behind our place (not ours, unfortunately) are abuzz with the birds preparing to nest. A few will also try to find a nesting space in the room vents, and one particularly industrious fellow even managed to pull out the wire netting covering the vent in our bedroom. So for a couple days we were woken with a very natural alarm clock at the crack of dawn. Now for obvious reasons I do not want any birds to nest there, so I had to quickly construct a more durable cover and set it in place before the little guy had done more than make noise. Still, the bird kept insisting on finding a place nearby, and could often be seen twittering anywhere he could perch – the top of the dividing walls, some tree branch, or in this case a clothes-wire.

While this behaviour happens every year, this was the first time I had anything suitable to take a picture with. I keep telling myself I want to try out this lens with birds. I have taken this with me on a couple climbing outings, hoping to spot again one of the birds of prey that sometimes show up, but with no luck. A visit to the nature park at Għadira would be in order, ideally before summer sets in.


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