Afterglow (5555)
Afterglow. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

I was hoping to kick off this week with a photo from our recent visit to the Lake District. Unfortunately I haven’t had much time since we got back to edit photos, so this is likely to take a while. I realised as I was making my initial selection of photos to process that I still have a bunch from last year’s visit that are still in the queue. Ho hum. I think I need to re-evaluate my priorities and allocate more time to my photography.

So instead today I’m sharing a quick snap from a climbing outing about a month ago. We were packing up (or had just packed up, can’t remember) when we looked over to the west for a spectacular after-sunset display. To add to the atmosphere there was some controlled (I hope) burning going on in the fields to the north, so the air was thick with a smoky haze. So, a view you have seen before here, but in a very different context. I’m always a bit amazed when people pack up their cameras right after sunset. Usually the best is yet to come.


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