Sunlit Tree near Black Crag

Sunlit Tree near Black Crag (5605)
Sunlit Tree near Black Crag. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

Taking a quick break from writing (I know, right?!) to share this photo from our recent trip to the Lake District. This year we stayed once more in Keswick, which we find to be a most excellent base for visiting the lakes. As it happened, it was practically the same week as last year, and we were met by glorious weather, again. I mean, it’s unusual enough to walk for a week in Cumbria and not use a rain jacket. But to do that two years in a row (well, practically – this year I only used the jacket once, on my way down from Dodd) it borders on the miraculous.

Anyway, as usual I digress. After a flight and a long drive up from Gatwick, the first full day there we simply lazed about town. So after that rest, for my first walk I decided to tackle something short and close by. So I drove down to Hawse End, put on my walking boots, and started the steep path up Catbells from that end. Unlike our first attempt a few years back, this time I made it to the top. For an easy walk this really had me winded by the time I reached the summit. It may be easy, but it is steep. Or I’m just not fit enough. In any case, it was an enjoyable walk, and at the top I sat down for a while and just enjoyed the scenery.

I took this photo on my way down, via the Hause Gate path. I saw the tree near Black Crag lit by the late afternoon light, and I knew I had to take a photo. As I was setting up, and just a few seconds before taking this shot, I was passed by a mountain biker who seemed to really enjoy this steep descent. I had not seen many people on this mid-week walk, even on such a popular path. What a great way to start a walking holiday.


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  1. […] Before this post takes a serious turn for the ‘please-end-it–this-is-starting-to-verge-on-the-too-long’ kind of thing, I’d better stop here. For those asking me for a recent set of photos I honestly didn’t start processing them yet. What I do have is some uploads on my Instagram which I am linking here if you’re interested. J has a few on here too. […]

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