Burnished Gold

Burnished Gold (5430)
Burnished Gold. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

Some photos don’t take much effort, either to shoot or to process. Things just happen, seemingly without any planning, and fit into place. The photo I’m sharing today is one such case. I took this in Gozo a few months ago, as my brother and I were heading back to the ferry. We had just spent the day in Gozo, climbing in the morning, then heading to Nadur for a late lunch and Rabat for a walk around the citadel. The sun was basically setting as we were driving down to Mġarr, and as we saw the sky light up I casually remarked how frustrating it was that I wasn’t out shooting in this light. We were in good time for the ferry, so my brother said “why don’t we just find a spot here to stop and take a few photos?” and sure enough we did. We parked on the side of a road, near a chapel, and walked across.

I think I still had my super telephoto fitted, so I played around with a few really tight compositions. Sure, this lens is mostly popular with photographers who shoot wildlife (because of course you can never have enough reach there), but it has its place for landscapes too. This was at its longer end (600mm), handheld.


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