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Knossos (5200)
Knossos. (Click on the photo for added detail.)
Knossos (5194)
Knossos. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

I seem to keep pushing the blog post, so I’m taking a few minutes while the grill is doing its job to write a few lines. I’m sharing the final two images from the visit to Knossos last year. I decided to share these together as they’re variations on the same subject. As with last week’s post, this is another reconstruction, with the placement of a bull-themed fresco as well. I have no idea how authentic this is, or what evidence exists that this is remotely faithful. All I can say is that it makes a striking visual, hence the photography. While I enjoy rambling through archaeological ruins, they’re rarely well preserved, and even less photogenic. So usually the camera is only used in a documentary sense.

As things worked out, I visited Knossos in the afternoon with winter approaching. This was a good thing as the late afternoon light worked well. While there was a lot of contrast, as one would expect from any sunlit scene in the Mediterranean, I realised it was within the capabilities of the sensor, so I took these handheld without using any filters. Postprocessing mostly involved managing the contrast.


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