Bird on Catbells

Bird on Catbells (5592)
Bird on Catbells. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

Something rather unusual (for me) this week. I don’t often shoot wildlife, mostly because I think it’s such a difficult genre to do properly. It also doesn’t help that for a long time I didn’t have a telephoto lens that I was happy with. That changed when I finally settled on buying the 70-200, though for wildlife I must say its reach isn’t much. Not so long ago I bough the 150-600 (and 1.4x extender), so I cannot make such excuses any more. Well, of course I can always complain that the longer lens is just to heavy to carry around unless I plan to use it.

As usual I digress. There are occasions when I cannot resist trying my hand at this kind of photography. Whatever hardware I’m carrying. In this case, I had just walked up to the summit of Catbells and sat down to catch my breath and just enjoy the view. It was spring, so I could observe a number of birds in the vicinity. Most were playing in the wind (though I’m sure they wouldn’t call it that), making the most of the speed up that occurs on the hills. (Thank the Bernoulli effect.) One pair, though, was busy running after each other, and making a fair bit of noise. I only had the 70-200 with me, so had to keep quiet and try to get as close as I could. Or, rather, set myself up and wait until the little twitters came close enough.

I couldn’t recognise the species when I processed the photo. Eventually I discovered the RSPB’s excellent bird identification web tool, and I think I can safely say this was a tree pipit. If any of my readers have more knowledge than me (very likely!) and can confirm this or point out the mistake, I look forward to it.


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