Operating the Mooring Winch

Operating the Mooring Winch (5437)
Operating the Mooring Winch. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

Sharing the last processed photo from the visit to Gozo last February. This was on the way back, as the mooring ropes were being winched in. I still had the super telephoto lens mounted, and found it to be great for isolating bits of a busy scene. I did feel rather self-conscious lugging around the big glass – I can only hope it’s something that will tone down as I get more used to it and as other people become more blasé about gear. It’s bound to happen, or at least I can always hope so, particularly with the drive over the last few years for smaller, more-capable cameras. What I usually use looks antiquated, and I’m totally OK with that.

Now there’s still a few photos from that trip that I’ve earmarked for processing, but never got around to. But then there’s also a few from our recent visit to the lakes that I still need to work on, etc., and the ever-present hope to just shoot more. So who knows when this will happen?


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