Cypress in Fitz Park

Cypress in Fitz Park (5757)
Cypress in Fitz Park. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

At least I hope it’s a cypress. I keep telling myself I need to keep better documentation of what I shoot – at least some snaps of other potential identifying features (e.g. in this case, having a photo of the whole tree would help, or some of its bark and trunk/branch structure). I find it’s particularly a problem with photos of flowers, when often I don’t get any leaves in focus (or even visible). On the plus side, I know for a fact this was in Fitz Park :-). I took this photo during a walk with R in Upper Fitz Park, which was just a few minutes’ walk from the cottage we rented. It is a pleasant park, with the river Greta at one end of the park, and various shrubs and trees that provide shelter for birds. We ambled along, cameras in hand, just enjoying being there.

I didn’t have my macro lens with me on that walk in the park, so I took this with my 70-200 telepoto lens. The trickiest bit, I found, was getting a good exposure, one that didn’t blow the very light buds. Processing was equally tricky, and just shows how sometimes the simplest of shots proves to be more demanding.


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