Wild Fennel Above The Fields

Wild Fennel Above The Fields (5531)
Wild Fennel Above The Fields. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

By this time in Malta it just feels too hot to do much. The a/c is pretty much permanently on – or there is no hope of getting any work done (or sleep at night), even though the temperature is still in the low 30s. This means of course that outdoor stuff has to be managed: no hikes, and any climbing is strictly in the shade. Ideally paired with a dip in the sea to cool down a notch. And with most of the countryside scorched, it’s also a good time to share a photo from early spring, to remember that it all can be green again.



  1. Sounds fairly similar to Southern California. 🙂 (not a big surprise, same Mediterranean climate). Is the wild fennel native to Malta? We have it here too but it is not native and considered an invasive species. (which always cracks me up, considering the history of the United States and California;-)

    • Indeed, the more I see of SoCal (admittedly through other people’s eyes) the more I see the similarities. Except of course in scale 😃. The fennel is native here (just looked it up to be sure, I’ve been surprised before). It is also very common in the garigue and smells fantastic.

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