Dried Grasses and Fennel

Dried Grasses and Fennel (5844)
Dried Grasses and Fennel. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

I must say I’m not a big fan of summer. I’m sure you’ve realised that by now. It’s always odd when most people find out I’m from Malta they associate that with sea and sunshine, and in their mind it’s a good thing. But I can barely understand how most visitors actually choose to come here in the summer months. For me it’s just too hot to do much, and the only thing going for it really is the longer days. Still, this is part of life here in the Med, and at least nowadays there is air conditioning.

So why am I mentioning this? With the weather we usually get I don’t do any walking in summer, and even avoid the sea most of the time (too many people, you see). In turn this means I do much less photography, and make my climbing plans with care (choosing easier stuff in the shade, basically). This year, however, I’m trying a bit of an experiment. Last week I took my camera with me climbing, with the intent of making some photos of what the countryside is like at this time of year. Sure, it’s dry, and hot, and the skies are usually a bland blue. Which means it will be more of a challenge.

This week I’m sharing a second photo from that outing. This time it’s some sun-burnt wild fennel and patches of grass among the rocky ground. In the spring it’s all bright yellow with the fennel, and later purple with the thyme. Now what’s left is the scent, not so strong of course, but a reminder of what will be again.


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