Ruins, Tower, and Quarry

Ruins Tower and Quarry (5847)
Ruins, Tower, and Quarry. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

Something very unexpected happened today. As I was about to head home from work, a colleague came over to congratulate me on this blog. He came across it recently as he was looking up information on local places, and realised we share an appreciation for the countryside and outdoor pursuits, and for photography. While he doesn’t climb, he’s a keen hiker and long-time scout. A project of his is to document the various places on the island suitable for hiking and wild camping, and from what little I’ve seen I really hope he takes my suggestion to start a blog about the subject. There’s precious little information of the kind, and very few relevant books. Most of what I know I learnt organically, and I’m sure the information he’s collecting would find a ready audience. This chance encounter made my day.

One of the things we talked about was Wied il-Għasel, so today I’m sharing another photo from a recent climbing outing in that valley. What you see is a farm building near the end of the valley; beyond is the edge of a quarry. In front are the ruins of a stairway and the base of a wall that used to cross the valley. Last week, my brother told me that what I thought to be the remains of a bridge was the foundation of a wall across the valley, of the same kind as the one in Binġemma. This wall, however, fell to the elements during a particularly heavy storm.


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