Overlooking the Port Entrance

Overlooking the Port Entrance (5922).jpg
Overlooking the Port Entrance. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

As Christmas approaches, and my work duties are done for what remains of this year, I find myself looking back at what remains to be shared from this year’s photography. Surprisingly, there’s quite a lot. For a year where I was basically continually frustrated with how little I was out shooting, there’s more than I could hope for. Travel helped, and in particular I have a few from the last visit to Crete that I still want to share.

Today I’m including two from Koules fortress. I’ve already shared some from the interior of this Venetian fortress, so it’s about time I showed something of the exterior. The rooftop is accessible to visitors, though with the summer sunshine not many were out. Which of course made things a lot easier for me to compose photos without any people visible.

I tried a number of compositions, and I’m sharing the two I liked best. The first, above, is a narrow view that includes the battlements with raised parapets, and two cargo vessels in the distance, by the breakwater. The second, below, shows a wider view of the same corner of the battlements, this time with two cannon-ports visible. The breakwater is shown in its entirety, and the island of Dia on the horizon. A single person gives a sense of scale.

Overlooking the Port Entrance (5917).jpg
Overlooking the Port Entrance. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

It’s usually said that the middle of the day is the worst time for photography, because of the harsh light and all that. Frankly I think that’s nonsense. Sure, you won’t get golden light, or pink skies, or whatever else is the flavour of the month. But things are what they are, and I find it instructive (while also challenging) to seek beauty regardless of time of day, or season, or weather conditions. Sure, I may prefer certain conditions over others, but then one can only appreciate the warmth for having felt the cold. In any case, when thinking of the Mediterranean, one automatically thinks about clear azure skies and the deep blue sea. So why not show these off in photos?


  1. Have a fab Christmas both of you. I look forward to r adding more about your adventures in the new year. I’ve got some stuff to share from Corfu still but soon putting together a new site for this. So watch this space as they say.

      • Nothing big planned. I’m hoping to do lots of climbing, it’s the perfect weather for it. And with some luck a few walks and a bit of photography with Rob too…

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