Magħlaq Cave

Sharing a short video clip today from a climbing outing near Lapsi on Christmas Eve. As you can see, winter is perfect for climbing (and walking and other outdoorsy things) round here. Pity the days are short. In this case, I went down to Magħlaq cave with three friends, two of whom had never been. It’s an abseil approach, which I always find a bit intimidating. Well, in truth it’s not the abseil itself, but reaching the abseil point generally involves a bit of exposure.

I mentioned in an earlier post how I’m taking our new EOS M5 with me when climbing, and the more I use it the more I find it just fits nicely for this use case. On this occasion I decided to play a little with its video functions, something I rarely use on my cameras. Nothing fancy, just a few simple shots that were cut and joined together in post. Something I really liked is how well the image stabiliser works – all shots were handheld, with the kit lens.


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