Evening Sky

Evening Sky (5823).jpg
Evening Sky. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

After a long couple of days grading assignments (yeah, there is a down-side to every kind of work), I thought it would be good to look at a few photos. I don’t really have enough energy to edit anything, so instead I dipped into the album of photos waiting to be shared. In doing so it became abundantly clear that these have been accumulating more than I’d like, so I think I’ll be sharing photos more often, at least for the next several weeks. I’d also like to do more voice recordings of place names etc., which should be a lot easier now that I’ve significantly reduced the noise output of my PC.

So, to kick it all off, the photo I’m sharing today is a very simple one, taken almost a year ago, at the end of a climbing outing in Lapsi. As the sun was setting, the sky was its usual beautiful self, which is something one can easily take for granted when it happens with such regularity. I had taken this kind of photo before, but of course it’s never really the same, so I decided to make a photo anyway. It’s why I carried the camera with me after all.



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