Lower Off

Lower Off. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

Today’s photo falls into that class of photos where for whatever reason I seem to find beauty in the mundane, the kind of thing that is often classified as an objet trouvé. Of course, I’m not generally thinking along those terms when I take the photo – rather, I’m just responding opportunistically to something that I like (or otherwise resonate with).

This particular photo shows a top anchor bolted into a cliff-top in nearby Għargħur. I have climbed often along this cliff line but I don’t recognise or remember this particular route – it must be a top anchor on an otherwise trad route. When I took the photo, however, I wasn’t scoping out climbing routes, but simply enjoying a walk along the cliffs, camera in hand.

I’m also taking the opportunity in this post to continue with the Maltese pronunciation sound clips. In this case for the village name of Għargħur. Exceptionally, the (single) letter ‘għ’ in this case takes a hard ‘g’ sound rather than the usual silence. Though to be fair there is an alternative pronunciation (also below), which I’ve never actually heard anyone apply in daily use.


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