Kappella tal-Kunċizzjoni Immakulata

Kappella tal-Kunċizzjoni Immakulata. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

I wasn’t entirely sure which photo to go with first for today’s blog post. Last weekend we headed out to l-Aħrax tal-Mellieħa in the evening, where we planned to meet some friends to spend a few hours looking up at the sky. Of course, the idea was to catch a few meteors as they streaked across the sky, so the darker the site, the better. Now on this tiny island there isn’t anywhere you can be really far from the lights of urbanization. With the Perseid radiant in the north-easterly direction, this also meant that the entire south-western coast was not ideal. So options were rather limited. To make things more convenient, particularly thinking of our friends, I also preferred somewhere that didn’t involve a long walk in. Ideally, no walk in. Aħrax fit the bill on all counts.

R and I got there a fair bit earlier, so we had some time to walk around. R had not been to this part of the island, probably ever. So I wanted her to experience what this part of the coast looked like. We went for a short walk along the cliffs, and met two walkers with their dogs. We also took a few photos, among which is the one above. The chapel itself was open, with a few people reciting prayers inside.

Eventually, as darkness folded, I started setting up my main camera for some night-time shots. I was hoping for a view with the chapel as foreground interest, but I quickly had to give up on that idea. There were too many cars around, for one, so getting a view without parked cars was practically impossible. To make matters worse, I also realised I had forgotten to pack my ultra-wide angle lens. Rookie mistake, I know. But even those are known to happen. So instead I had to make do with my 50mm. On the plus side, that lens has a very wide aperture. As I prepared, and figured out options, I took another photo of the chapel as night set in, shown below.

Kappella tal-Kunċizzjoni Immakulata. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

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