Upper Deck

Upper Deck. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

For this week’s throwback post I’m continuing with a short series from that day trip to Gozo last autumn. Today’s photo is also from the morning ferry ride over to Gozo. Independently of the weather I tend to prefer the outer deck on a ferry. I recall it was a bit windy, and it was late autumn already, so the upper deck was completely empty. I went up for a walk about and to take in the salt sea air. (And some photos of course.) I didn’t stay there long, as my friends were down in the cafeteria and I didn’t want to just disappear.

At the time I had only had the smaller mirrorless camera (which I took on this trip, since it was primarily a climbing trip) for a few months, so in many ways was still getting used to it. And there’s nothing better than using a camera (in as many different conditions as possible) to actually get used to it. The more I use it, the more I enjoy it for what it is – a really compact camera that delivers the same kind of photography I expect from a crop-frame DSLR. And being a Canon, it fit nicely into my editing workflow.

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