Venus and Her Girdle

Venus and Her Girdle. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

This week I thought I’d share a photo I took at the beginning of summer in Wied Anġlu, at the end of a climbing outing there. (I already shared details about the climbs we opened there if you’re interested.) If you click through to see a larger version of the photo, you should easily identify Venus at the top centre of the image. Now technically I suppose that the reddish/pinkish band that you see is not really the girdle (or belt) of Venus, which shows up on the opposite side to where the sun sets (in this photo sunset would have happened towards the right of the frame). It is the afterglow following sunset, and I’m uncertain if it has a more specific name.

Technically, the hardest thing about this photo, unsurprisingly, was handling exposure. I shot in such a way to avoid blowing out the highlights, and in post I lifted the shadows somewhat to keep the forms of the cliffs visible while also allowing limited detail to show through. Seeing this properly depends a lot on correct monitor calibration. And I don’t doubt that it would be a pain to print well.

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