Blue Grotto and Filfla

Blue Grotto and Filfla. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

This weekend, finally, the rain decided to take a break from its recent pattern (of only raining on the weekends). So yesterday my good friend Hendrik-Jan and I went down to Wied Babu for a bit of climbing in the morning. Given the wind, we ditched our earlier thoughts of tackling a sea-cliff and instead headed all the way down the valley to do the (easy) multi-pitches. In the end, we only did one, mostly because I tend to take my time on new stuff, and this route in particular was not the most clear. Usually, on sport routes, the next bolt is clearly visible as you climb, making it fairly obvious where you need to go. Not in this case. A few of the bolts were rather rotten (which doesn’t inspire confidence) and in some cases I just couldn’t see where the next one was. We were prepared for this, taking our trad gear with us, so we could back up any dodgy bolts, and add protection where it was missing/unclear. In the end, the route proved to be a rather fun one; I had not enjoyed myself so much climbing in a while.

Now one of the bonuses of doing such a climb is that it provides one with perspectives on the landscape that not many people get to witness. Of course, in this age of drones perhaps that’s not so much the case any more, but there’s definitely something to be said for witnessing these first hand. Knowing these climbs would provide particularly interesting views, I carried my (smaller) camera with me. For me, this is where the benefits of an APS-C mirrorless camera shine. While my EOS M5 is not the smallest one around (I prefer a DSLR-like interface, what can I say?), it didn’t get in the way even as I led the last two pitches.

So, in this post I’m sharing two photos from this climb. The first one, at the top, is the view from the lower-off at the top of the route (about 70m according to the guidebook). The second, below, is from the top of the second pitch, where there’s a really wide ledge. The island in the distance is Filfla. The light was constantly changing throughout the morning, because of the clouds, which made it all more interesting.

Blue Grotto and Filfla. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

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