Climbing with Hendrik-Jan

Today’s blog post is going to be somewhat longer than usual. And it includes more photos than usual. At the tail end of this year I find myself with many more processed photos still left to share than I generally have, even though I think I have posted more frequently than usual. This is a good thing: it means that I’ve been shooting more, and that I’m happy with more photos overall. An analysis of this will have to wait until I write up my summary of the year. I’m sure this is due in part to increased travel, and probably also because of the smaller mirrorless camera we bought about a year ago.

Meanwhile, today I’m sharing a few photos of my climbing partner Hendrik-Jan from outings in the last couple weekends. Two of these are from a week ago, when we climbed one of the multi-pitches in Wied Babu. I have already shared photos of the view from that climb. A good friend of mine berated me for not including any climbing photos in that post, so perhaps this will rectify things a bit. Sure, this is not actually while climbing (I was busy belaying while Hendrik climbed, of course), but hey.

The other two are from last Sunday, when we tried our luck at Farm Cave in Lapsi. We had never been there, and I don’t think this crag sees much traffic, as all the routes there need traditional protection, including at the lower-off. It was also a rather rainy weekend, and in fact we arrived in Lapsi with the ground wet from very recent rainfall. Initially, we took our cameras and decided to see if we could find the access path. It took some work (and sheltering from a sudden downpour) but when we got there we realised the crag itself was still dry and definitely climbable. So we headed back to the car to pick our gear and returned from some climbing. As things turned out, one of the photos is from that initial walk to scope out the crag, while the other is from the end of our final climb, as we prepared to abseil down.


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