Lapsi Farmland

Lapsi Farmland. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

Lapsi must be one of my favourite places on the island. It’s a cracking section of coastline, and in winter the cliffs get to see sunshine throughout the day. Which means it dries out really quickly, and as a bonus the cliffs offer shelter from northerly winds. This makes it a perfect place for climbing in the cooler months. So it’s no surprise that I get to see a lot of the place this time of year.

Today’s photo is from a climbing outing over the Christmas holidays. I assume that the tower-like building is actually a farmhouse, and several fields nearby are clearly still worked. The crenellations on the building look fancy, and so are probably decorative rather than defensive. If any of my readers know anything more definite, do let me know. The building itself is an unmistakable landmark on your way into Lapsi. The point of view of this photo is rather unusual, as I took this photo at the end of the climb, atop the cliff.

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