Hastings Garden

Hastings Garden. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

One of the highlights over the Christmas holidays (in between all the eating and climbing, that is) was a walk about the streets of Valletta with R and the newly acquired lens and tripod. We started things off by visiting the Presepju 2018 in front of city gate, a Nativity scene with several traditional Maltese elements, including the xabbatur character (literally, a rock climber). As sunset approached we headed up to Hastings garden, which neither of us had visited before. Odd, I know, that in such a small island there are still places we have not visited. This is a public garden on the bastions on the west side of city gate. The name is in reference to Lord Hastings, former governor of the islands, who is buried there. In the photo you can see a monument dedicated to him.

Unlike the other photos from this outing, which I have already shared, this wasn’t taken with the tilt-shift lens. Instead, I used my trusty old 17-40mm lens, which allowed me a wider field of view. With the composition I used, there was no need for any lens movements for perspective correction.

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