Tal-Mirakli. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

Last week I finally got around to shooting a nearby small church that is still in regular use. I had visited this church before, with the intention of shooting it, but abandoned the idea when I realised I couldn’t find a suitable point of view. Trouble is, of course, that most of these chapels and small churches are situated on very narrow (and usually windy) roads. This severely limits one’s options for suitable points of view. Instead, with fields in front of the church, I knew I’d need to look for alternative viewpoints further away.

The photo shows the small church dedicated to Our Lady, known as Tal-Mirakli (literally: the miraculous), because it is said locally that the titular image in the church “shed a tear when a severe earthquake hit the island“. It is a lovely church, and well worth a visit for those who appreciate this kind of thing. For hours of service and other details, check out the well-organised website Quddies.


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