Wied Babu Zawn

Wied Babu Zawn. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

Today I thought I’d share one last photo from a climbing outing last autumn in Wied Babu, when Hendrik-Jan and I were working on the (easy) multi-pitches where the valley meets the sea. I already shared some photos from higher up on that day, with the blue grotto opposite. By contrast, this one is from close to where the climbs begin, and no more than a little scrambling is required to get this point of view. I keep telling myself I need to return there specifically for some photography, but it never seems to happen.

I must say that Wied Babu is one of my favourite places, with a number of interesting and reasonably long single-pitch routes (about 25m) at mid-valley. For those who enjoy the adventure, longer routes (around 80m, if I remember correctly) can be found at the bottom of the valley. Unfortunately, the bolting on these routes is rather old now, which means two things: a) some of it is rotten, and should not be trusted, and b) some parts are a bit run out. The climbing is mostly on the easy grades though, so it’s nothing a few pieces of traditional protection won’t fix. The views and the atmosphere are just superb.

P.S. if you were wondering, a zawn is an opening in the cliffs; I thought it was rather appropriate in this case. What can I say, I like words.


2 thoughts on “Wied Babu Zawn

    1. First time I saw it used, I looked it up and I was surprised that my usual dictionary didn’t have it. Turns out it’s not just British, but regional British! (Cornish)

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