Santu Rokku

Santu Rokku. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

A few weeks ago, straight after work, R and I went up to Mdina for a walk about and a bit of photography. A bit of a breeze had picked up, which of course only feels stronger in the narrow roads of the old capital, situated as it is on the dominant hill in the area. This worked in our favour, as the city was quieter than usual, even for a weekday. Though we didn’t have much light left, I shot three photos that I’m reasonably happy with. Today I’m sharing the first of these.

The photo shows the chapel dedicated to St Roque (Santu Rokku in Maltese), commonly known as Our Lady of Light (Madonna tad-Dawl) for to a painting with that title held inside. I went with this unusual angle to be able to get some of the cupola visible. I’ll want to revisit this chapel and experiment with other angles, though I know there won’t be many other options available.


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