Wild Grasses

Wild Grasses. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

Last week on my first day off work I took advantage of the opportunity to go down to Wied il-Għasel to spend some time among the flowers making photos. It’s a rare outing when within a couple hours I came back with a haul that would result in two dozen processed photos. Usually with my landscape work I’m lucky if I’m back with one or two I’m happy with. So this was a welcome change that also helped re-energize my feeling for photography. I took with me two lenses that I intended to use: my macro (of course) and the big telephoto.

For the first photo to share from this session I chose one I took towards the end, with the telephoto lens. It was the overall arrangement that drew me to this collection of wild grasses. When I showed the photos to my mum a few days ago, she commented that it looked like a basket / arrangement. It brought a smile to my face as I explained that it was precisely the reason I took that photo.

I’m not entirely sure what the grasses are. The longer ones are likely to be Wild Barley (Hordeum leporinum), known locally as Nixxiefa. The shorter fluffy ones are possibly Hare’s tail grass (Lagurus ovatus), known locally as Denb il-fenek. The reddish layer at the bottom is Blue stone-crop (Sedum caeruleum), or Beżżulet il-baqra.


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