Golden Light

Golden Light. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

I haven’t processed much from this year’s visit to the Lake District, earlier this month. But I did start with the outing that proved the most fruitful. On our first full day there we took it fairly easy, and in the evening headed out to the stone circle at Castlerigg, near where we were staying, just to enjoy the view (and hoping for some good photo opportunities). Luck was with us, as a storm dissipated, giving way to some gorgeous light. I had my long telephoto lens on, which was ideal. So there I was, among ruins from thousands of years ago, and I’m mostly ignoring them, chasing the light as it moved. Shortly before or after I took this photo, another visitor looked at me (with this behemoth of a lens in hand) and commented “lovely light!”; I could only smile and say back “amazing!”.

Now this outing also comes with another photo-related story. I don’t generally comment on other photographers, as I think everyone should just be allowed to do their thing as long as they’re not being a nuisance. You could say it’s bad form. But it’s even worse form to be a nuisance, and some behaviour just begs to be commented on. So there was this other photographer walking around with his camera and tripod, seemingly making a huge fuss out of taking a few pictures. Which is what one can expect at a place like this: Castlerigg is a) easy to reach, b) within a short distance of a sizable and popular town, c) situated on a hill with great views all around, and d) also has some really old ruins to add interest. I don’t think I’ve ever been there without at least someone else around. So if anyone else wants to make some photos, I try not to get in the way. And if they are (in the way, that is) I just wait until they move, or move myself and look for other options. So it bothered me when this guy started talking to people asking them to move so he can take his shot. I don’t care even if he’s some superstar photographer; no one has some automatic priority. Things got a bit funny (for me) when I saw him still struggling with what looked like some weird composition, looking in what I thought was the wrong direction, as this display was happening.


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