Tarn on Heron Pike

Tarn on Heron Pike. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

Sometimes I’m surprised how many photos I end up with when visiting a particular place. Even though the conditions aren’t particularly good, no spectacular light, etc. I’m sure it has something to do with my mood on the day in question. Such is the case with this walk up Sheffield Pike, perhaps because it was my first walk in the lakes this year. Today’s photo shows a tarn on the craggy summit of Heron Pike. I really enjoy exploring highlands like this, where around every corner there’s something new, and you never quite know what to expect. Sure, a good examination of the map beforehand will give an idea of where to expect challenging sections. And walk descriptions go some way to highlight things that aren’t clear from the maps (like, for example, boggy sections). But there’s always an element of discovery and adventure the first time one walks a path.

For completeness, I’m including a map of my walk below.

Sheffield Pike
Sheffield Pike, Heron Pike, and Glenridding Dodd, starting from Glencoyne. (Click on the map for added detail.)


  1. A lovely summit which thankfully is nearly always as quiet as your lovely photograph shows.As always thank you for taking the trouble to include the image of the map.

    • Thank you! Indeed, I was surprised just how quiet it was, compared with other places I’ve been.

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