Outerside. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

Today I finally prepared a map of the route for this walk up Stile End, Outerside, and Barrow, starting from Braithwaite, and the first thing I did was to update an earlier post from this walk. I thought it would be fitting to share another photo from the same walk. This one is from Barrow’s flank, just before tackling the final ascent to the summit, and looking back towards Outerside (in shadow in this photo).

This was a very pleasant walk, mostly in solitude, with a feeling almost throughout of being far away from everything. I met very few people on this walk, which was a bit surprising given that I went on a bank holiday. I remember in particular a small party I met on Barrow’s summit, where a couple kids were discussing with (I think) their granddad the options for continuing their walk, figuring things out on a map. While enjoying the views of Derwent Water and something to munch.

For those who like these things, I’m including a map of my route below.

Barrow and Outerside
A walk up Stile End, Outerside, and Barrow, starting from Braithwaite. (Click on the map for added detail.)

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