Matrix on Bird’s Nest Wall Direct

This summer doesn’t seem to be like others in the last few years. Maybe I have been on this rock too long already, and the many little annoyances are making themselves felt. Maybe it’s the never-abating traffic. Or perhaps it’s climate change and what seems to be a hotter-than-usual summer. And it’s not like I enjoyed our summer here before. I guess what I’m saying is that since I came back from that short visit down under I’ve been feeling myself more tired than usual, less eager to go out climbing or practising archery or photography. So recently I’m making a bit of an effort to do things that I usually enjoy.

It helps to change things up a bit, too. So last week I took the camera with me, intending to shoot some climbing photography, which I had not done in a while. It turned out well, but I could feel that I was rusty at this. After a few climbs, I picked an easy route to climb and set myself up on abseil with my camera. Matrix was eager to have some photos taken, especially as he tried his hand at Bird’s Nest Wall Direct, a nice technical 6a. I chose a few to send him, and with his permission am also sharing on this blog. They’re in a gallery, so click on one and cycle through.



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