Santa Margerita t’Antijokja

Santa Margerita t’Antijokja. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

A few weeks ago R and I headed to Mosta for some photography. My plan was to make a photo of this chapel, dedicated to St Margaret of Antioch, situated in the middle of the eponymous residential area. Strangely, I had not seen this chapel before, though I often visit the area for climbing (Santa Margerita is just next to the lovely Wied il-Għasel). I wasn’t sure what to expect, though some preliminary work with Google maps told me to expect trouble, with some surprisingly big trees obstructing the view from the front. There is a small field beyond the boundary wall of the chapel, which I thought would restrict access, but thankfully I could see that many locals venture in to walk their dogs or forage the bordering plants. So I walked closer and composed a photo as best I could with the given constraints.


  1. In dire need of repair. Does it open or is in use? It seems like our old church before it was enlarged but a couple of decades later.

    • Indeed. Mosta has more than its fair share of chapels, so it must be a headache for the parish to manage and maintain the lot.

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