Walks and Climbs in Malta

Walks and Climbs in Malta. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

Something special came through the post today. Over the last few years I have been slowly collecting every guidebook that has been published about climbing in Malta. I was lucky enough to find a reasonably priced clean copy in good condition of this book that was printed three times from 1949 to 1960. It has taken some time, as copies of this title are not often available, and generally over-priced. Unfortunately, the publisher closed down their entire book division some years ago, and I was unable to find any old stock. In fact, the only copy I found locally was a reference one in the national library. At least that allowed me to browse and make notes while I waited for something like this to happen.

Now, the only book left for my collection is Hancock’s “The Adventure Guidebook to the Maltese Islands”.


6 thoughts on “Walks and Climbs in Malta

    1. Thanks pa. There’s two editions of that, I’m told, I’d be happy to buy both.

  1. I am glad youweresuccesful.In my experience it can be very difficult to get hold of books published in Malta outside of Malta.I always look whenever I have the privilege to be in Malta not for climbing but anything by Stephen Spiteri on fortifications.Where did you eventually locate your rare guide ?

    1. Thank you! Strangely, I’ve had more luck in the UK in the case of climbing books. This one was from a Welsh bookstore that specialises in mountaineering books. The other two (bought almost two years ago) were from a similar outfit in Scotland. I can understand your difficulty though, Maltese books are hard enough to find even locally. Best bet is to buy them on publication, after that it’s often difficult.

      1. So that is the explanation.Logical if I had thought it through. I take your point on getting in quickly as many specialist publications do not run to a second printing. .I am glad you tracked down a copy and wish you good fortune in your quest for the final missing book you already know there were two printings of that.

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