Milky Way at Dingli Cliffs

Milky Way at Dingli Cliffs. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

Today I thought I’d share the main photo from our recent outing at Dingli cliffs, which I processed a week or so ago. I actually took a series of these, after setting up the camera for a view that takes in the immediate cliffs, Filfla in the distance, and a large enough segment of sky where the Milky way would be. Of course, with the ultra-wide 14mm lens, Filfla shows up very small, but in this case it was hardly the main subject. The Milky Way itself was barely visible with our unaided eyes, and I must say I was rather disappointed at how much light pollution was present even at this location. It seems that most of the cars driving along the cliff line, and there were many, were using their high beams (and I think even their fog lamps). Most people here seem very uncomfortable driving at night, and instead of taking it slower, they simply light up more and expect everyone to get out of their way.

In the photo you can also see Jupiter very bright just to the right of the galactic centre, and in this photo a couple of satellite whizzing by. Those lights on the horizon are mostly freight ships in the distance, with maybe a couple of fishing or leisure vessels closer by. The red glow on the cliffs in the foreground is some spill from my head torch.


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