Boundary Marker

Boundary Marker. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

It’s been a while, so this week I thought I’d share another photo from this year’s visit to the lakes. What you see is an old boundary marker that can be found on the way up Sheffield Pike from Nick Head, a col that can be reached by the path up Glencoyne. These markers fascinate me. Perhaps because of their simplicity: no need for miles of fencing when a few strategically placed markers will do the job. We have several such markers in Malta, mostly a heritage of the British military (the War Department, specifically). This one’s older, though, and marking private interests rather than government ones.

For completeness, a track of the walk is included below.

Sheffield Pike
Sheffield Pike, Heron Pike, and Glenridding Dodd, starting from Glencoyne. (Click on the map for added detail.)

2 thoughts on “Boundary Marker

  1. Very interesting but in Malta what markers we have, relating to the British Period mark distance not borders

    1. Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Philip! I wasn’t aware that all the markers in Malta are distance, I assumed some would be boundary. I know the WD used both in the UK, so didn’t see a reason it wouldn’t do the same here. By any chance, do you know of a comprehensive list of markers in Malta?

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