Santa Katerina

Santa Katerina. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

For this week’s recent photo I’m sharing the counterpart to last week’s chapel, visited on the same evening. I had seen this chapel before, having passed by on a walk to Burmarrad, but had not stopped to take photos. I’ve been meaning to revisit this place for a long time, as I get a reminder every time I see it from the cliffs of Wied il-Għasel. Eventually its time came, and I was lucky enough to just reach there as the last rays of the setting sun were lighting up the front. I could also see the clouds threatening to obscure the sun at any moment, so I worked quickly to find a decent composition and make my photo. I tried a couple of different viewpoints, and exposed a few frames as the light changed, eventually choosing this one when editing.

The chapel is rather easy to access, from the access road to the extensive quarries near Naxxar Gap. The road seems to have been resurfaced rather recently too, it’s not the usual gravelly arrangement one normally finds in such places. I parked where the surfacing ends, and walked the last bit. It was a weekend evening too, so everything was quiet. You can see some of the industrial infrastructure behind the chapel, and of course the ever present power lines.


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