Glacial Erratic

Glacial Erratic. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

One of my walks in the Lake District this year started from the shores of Ullswater, ascending as I walked into the valley of Glencoyne up to a col, and then making a turn to head up Sheffield Pike. I have already shared a few photos from this walk, from the initial climb up Glencoyne, the col, the summit of Sheffield Pike, and further down on Heron Pike. Today’s photo is from the initial walk up Glencoyne, as I approached the col. It was rather odd to see this big sharp hunk of stone thrown haphazardly on the valley side. I mean, the fells in the Lake District are old. Really old. So they’re rather weathered and smoothened up, unlike younger mountains like say the Alps. It’s therefore not too common to find blocks that have broken off the sides of the hills, as most of these will have been further broken up in time. So I had to read up on this phenomenon. And what I understand is that these large blocks have most likely been carried here by glacier movement in a time long past.

As usual, I’m including a map of the walk for completeness.

Sheffield Pike
Sheffield Pike, Heron Pike, and Glenridding Dodd, starting from Glencoyne. (Click on the map for added detail.)

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