Crashing Waves at Ras Ħanżir

Crashing Waves at Ras Ħanżir. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

It was a bit windy again this weekend, and on Saturday, with my climbing plans scuppered, I drove down to Lapsi for some photography. My intention was simple: to continue to work on capturing the sense of the raging sea in a winter storm. I find this subject rather challenging, at every level. Even technically it’s not straight-forward, as I often find it difficult to avoid blur, even though I know what I need to do. So I also take this as an opportunity to experiment. Often this means taking many photos and not really being happy with any. This time, though, I did find a few that I’m rather happy with.

The one I’m sharing today reminds me of Homer’s wine-dark sea, for whatever reason. I suppose it’s the contrast between the dark sea and the bright foam, particularly in the late afternoon light.



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