Kunċizzjoni Mmakulata

Kunċizzjoni Mmakulata. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

In an earlier post I mentioned an outing we did during the holidays, where we drove down to Żurrieq to shoot some chapels in the area. Many locals, I’m sure, will recognize the one in today’s photo as the chapel dedicated to the Immaculate Conception of Our Lady (or Il-Kunċizzjoni Mmakulata in Maltese). It is also known as Ta’ Nigret because that’s the village (now part of Żurrieq) where this chapel is found. Those interested in details about this chapel can find plenty at Kappelli Maltin (in Maltese).

In village centres it is almost impossible to find these places without any parked cars disturbing the view. So I did what I could in composing the photo, disregarding some possible compositions because cars would be in the way. I also had my film camera with me, and repeated this photo on film as well. We’ll see once I develop that film which one I end up preferring.


  1. I tip my hat to the master. An image with many happy memories.I love Malta (although find some of the modern ‘improvements’ hard to cope with.Your image reminds me of how life once was.Thank you for sharing

    • Thank you Keith! You’re not the only one finding some recent changes difficult to digest. As I write this they’re removing trees and widening the Attard to Rabat road over agricultural land. People are protesting, but ‘progress’ continues. Makes me feel like I’m becoming a grumpy old git, which is rather disturbing.

    • In places where I usually go for a walk there won’t be a car in sight. Often, with countryside chapels, there won’t be any either, or whatever is there can easily be kept out of frame or included in a way that is not distracting. For those in villages and towns, though, it’s often impossible to do so. We just have too many cars on this island.

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