Film Rolls

Film Rolls. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

So this morning I find a surprise waiting for me on the conference table. I was chatting with a colleague (and good friend) who’s really into film earlier this week, and he said he’d bring me some film to shoot from his stash. And this is what I find. I have shot Pan F+ before (though screwed up the development in some undetermined way). As luck would have it, the subject matter worked with the grainy look I got, so I still liked the result, which you can see for yourself by following the Ilford tag. But I’ve been wondering what the result would be like with a correct development.

So this will be fun. Now what I need is to actually spend more time making photos. With film. Oh, and for the non-film readers, these are all “slow and detailed” B&W negative film. From left to right, Ilford’s Pan F+ is an old emulsion at ISO 50, Rollei’s RPX is ISO 25 (this will be interesting), and Ilford’s FP4+ is a more modern emulsion at ISO 125. Any suggestions on what to go shoot with these?

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