San Luqa

San Luqa. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

The photo I’m sharing today is of another chapel in Żurrieq, from the same outing I mentioned last week. It’s a rather hidden gem, situated as it is in a very narrow street away from the roads most cars pass through. Oddly enough, cars do pass here, where the street is barely wide enough for them. Every time something was coming through, I moved my tripod, and the drivers kindly passed slowly by. Like last week’s photo, I re-shot this on film as well. We’ll see how that turns out when I get around to finishing and developing that film. Don’t hold your breath.

2 thoughts on “San Luqa

  1. A hidden gem describes the chapel perfectly. Thanks to you I have a collection of images I could not hope to put together myself. Thank you for sharing and making it possible. I tip my hat to the photographer. I was encouraged by your mention of the patient courteous drivers. I have often found the same in wonderful Malta when locals see visitors showing respect.

    1. Thank you Keith! I hope to put together a book on the chapels project in due course. I must say I was very pleasantly surprised by the courtesy shown by the drivers. I cleared the way as promptly as possible of course, but it was nice to not feel rushed.

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