Chapels in Grenoble Cathedral


A couple weeks ago I shared a photo of the nave in the Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Grenoble. Today I’m back with three more photos from this cathedral. I originally intended to share these in separate blog posts, but in retrospect I felt it makes more sense to keep these together. Two of these show the main chapels, to the left and right of the nave. Respectively, they’re the Chapelle de la Vierge (dedicated to the Virgin Mary) and the Chapelle du Sacré-Cœur (dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus). The third photo, technically, is not a chapel, but a separate church adjoining the cathedral. This one’s dedicated to Saint Hugh of Châteauneuf, who was the bishop of Grenoble in the late 11th century. He is also strongly associated with St Bruno, and the foundation of the Carthusian Order in nearby Chartreuse (yes, the ones of the liqueur fame).

These were all rather tricky photos to make, particularly because of the extreme contrast. In two cases, the stained glass windows are backlit by daylight, so were hard to keep from blowing out, while the chapel interior was in deep shadow. The third had a very bright light focused on the white statue above the altar. I was also limited by the gear, having only the small mirrorless EOS M5 with me. It can handle itself well, but without a tripod options were rather limited. A wider lens would also have come in handy.

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