Mini Mountain

Mini Mountain. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

This has been a very weird day in Malta, with the Prime Minister declaring in a press statement that schools and the University will be closed for a week from tomorrow. Undoubtedly, parents are scrambling to figure out what to do with their offspring over the coming days, and how to deal with their own work at the same time. I am told that there are queues outside pharmacies, and the usual panic at supermarkets etc. There is also the expectation of a petrol shortage in the coming days, though I wonder why, with the roads much emptier than they usually are. Even the church announced that, as in Italy, there will be no public daily or Sunday masses. Sometimes I wonder what took everyone so long.

I was lucky enough to be working from home today, which simplified a few things. Pending an official announcement from University, I spent most of the day making arrangements for my upcoming meetings to be held online, getting ready for online delivery of lectures, and making sure that students have what they need to work on their projects and assignments from home. As head of department, I also needed to sort out what instructions to give to the rest of the staff.

So perhaps it’s rather fitting to share this macro photo today, from a session in Wied il-Għasel last spring. What you see is a limestone formation at the top of a cliff, up close and personal. It struck me that the general shape looked much like a mountain peak, in miniature.


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