Wellington Sunrise

Wellington Sunrise. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

One of last year’s highlights, for me, was a trip to Wellington, New Zealand, for the IEEE Congress on Evolutionary Computation. Noel, a PhD student I was supervising, had a paper to present there, and since I have an interest in the area I thought I’d join him. The conference was interesting, as expected, and I must say that our week there was very enjoyable. Among other things I managed to drag Noel down to Fergs Kayaks on the waterfront for his first taste of indoor climbing.

Obviously I wasn’t about to go half-way around the world without taking a proper camera with me, so I also found some time to greet the sunrise (or, well, what should have been a sunrise) the proper way – with a camera. It was the tail end of autumn, so predictably chilly (at least for us used to the mild Mediterranean) and windy. But we were geared up well, so could enjoy the time outdoors regardless. It took me a while to process at least some photos from the trip, and I should be sharing these over the coming weeks.

Meanwhile I’ll hunker down to ride out this mandatory quarantine. The last few days have been ok, being kept ridiculously busy with work. Tomorrow is a national holiday here, so I’ll figure out what to do now that climbing (or going out for a walk in the countryside, or just taking photos) won’t be an option. Who knows, I might actually find time for those longer non-work projects that keep getting postponed. Wish me luck.

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