A Little Down Time

Roberta. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

As I decide how to start this blog post, it’s starting to feel like a Star Trek episode, where it would begin along the lines of Chief Engineer’s Log, Stardate 200323.8… As if the need for social distancing wasn’t enough, this quarantine means that we simply shouldn’t go out of our home, not even for errands or some solitary walk. So these posts start to feel more like a log of how things are progressing. As an introvert, frankly it’s not hard to be cut off, but I do miss the freedom that existed before the virus. It also means there’s time to be filled in the weekend and public holidays.

This weekend we decided to spend some time making some portraits. A very informal session, mind you, just to play around a bit with lighting and ideas to see what we like and what we don’t. Eventually we’ll get to repeat the exercise with more preparation. With my strobes, stands, and other studio-type equipment stuck in the garage (which I can’t access for now as it’s not internally connected), we went low-tech on this one. Just a single old Speedlite, and white fabric as a reflector to soften the light. I deliberately went for a low-key look, and processed everything with a black & white film profile.

Roberta also had the idea of getting me to sit in front of the camera for a change. It was fun, and also means we get some photos of us together, which we don’t have many of. What can I say, I’m not the selfie type.

Roberta and Johann. (Click on the photo for added detail.)


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