Katoomba Cascades

Katoomba Cascades. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

This week’s throwback photo is another from the walk I did last year in the Blue Mountains. At the start of the walk, near Scenic World, it’s possible to walk down to this waterfall, or more precisely to the upper part of these cascades. It’s a nice place to stop for a bite, too, if it wasn’t too early on my walk. Predictably, many walkers stop by here, particularly because this point is very accessible, even without much of a walk. There wasn’t a huge flow when I visited, which is not surprising, because I was told they had been having rather dry weather.

For those who enjoy these things, I’m also including a map of the walk I did, below.

Blue Mountains
Prince Henry Cliff Walk, from Scenic World to Gordon Falls. (Click on the map for added detail.)

2 thoughts on “Katoomba Cascades

    1. Nothing bad about being a map lover! I can definitely count myself in that category… And I had a feeling you’d enjoy it ☺️

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