Kunċizzjoni Mmakulata

Kunċizzjoni Mmakulata. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

The chapel I’m sharing this week sits in a little hamlet known by the same name as the chapel (Kunċizzjoni). Administratively part of Mġarr, it’s very close to a small village called Baħrija, and is accessed by the same roads. I had visited this place before, on walks in the area, but never actually took a photo of the chapel as there were cars nearby (probably belonging to someone in the group I was walking with). It has been a while, so over the last couple weeks I’ve been back to the area a few times. On one of these days, I packed by tripod and tilt-shift lens with me specifically to make a photo of this chapel before starting on my walk. When I arrived by the chapel there was nobody there yet, so I made the most of the early morning light. As you can see, the weather wasn’t what the Maltese would call “beautiful”, but in this case I think it added something to the photo.

After finishing with the chapel, I packed and set out for a walk. Sure enough, by the time I looped back to my car, there were several others parked nearby, and I would not have been able to shoot the chapel if I wanted to. Information on the chapel (in Maltese) is available on Kappelli Maltin.


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