San Mikiel Arkanglu

San Mikiel Arkanglu. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

The chapel in today’s photo is one I had already shared a photo of before. I had meant to revisit this, and the time finally came with the pandemic. One evening a few weeks ago, I packed my camera gear and headed out to continue on the chapels project. R joined me for the drive, and after a couple of misses (due to cars parked near the chapels in question) we decided to head out further to this chapel in the administrative limits of Naxxar. My original concern that there might not be enough space was completely unfounded, as in fact there is a decent space in front of the chapel. There were a few cars there, likely for people who were out for a walk in the vicinity. There was also a family on the chapel’s stairs, who kindly asked if they were in the way as soon as they saw me set up my camera. I told them there was no hurry, it would take me some time just to set things up. In fact they moved to the side quite a bit before I was ready… I tried a few different compositions so I would have options when editing, and in a few minutes I was done.

Those looking for more information about this chapel are encouraged to head over to Kappelli Maltin (in Maltese) for further details and the chapel’s interesting story.

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