Climbing with Pete

Pete Lowering Off. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

Several months ago, before the pandemic hit, my friend’s nephew Pete was on the island, visiting. We had been wanting to get him to try climbing for a while, so we took him to Wied il-Għasel and the Disney-themed routes at Scouts Buttress. As so often happens in winter on this island, the day was beautiful, the light gorgeous, and in short we were having fun. While it’s really only the memories one treasures, I thought it would be good to commemorate the moment with a few photos. Sadly I hadn’t thought to bring my camera with me, so I only had my mobile to work with. I scrambled up an adjacent buttress, and did my best on what I still consider an unreadable-in-sunlight interface.

In the first photo, above, Pete is being lowered off after completing the route. In the second photo, below, Pete is climbing up Huey, the easiest route in the sector. It didn’t give him a hard time, and he was soon ready for the next challenge.

Pete on Huey. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

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